Converge applications and object storage on the same infrastructure, bring your digital business to the next-level. Store, protect, serve and process any data on any hardware at unlimited scale.

your TCO


hardware footprint


platform administration and app


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Bring flexibility and agility
to your infrastructure

Easy to use

Easy to test, deploy in production, manage and use. New hardware is auto-discovered and used right-away. Data is automatically routed and load balanced to the best available nodes.

0 TB to 1000+ PB

Scalability is made easy and efficient, start small and grow with your needs. Add one or hundreds of nodes, the process remains the same. Deploy as you grow, by small or huge increments, it is up to you.


Run applications and store data on the same infrastructure. Scale-out application back-ends can be built on the storage platform itself. Avoid wasted resources and simplify load balancing for storage and processing.

Scale out storage and applications
with no limits

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Be more competitive


True scalability, no need to re-organize the directory or to re-shuffle data to activate new nodes. Simply add a node, make it discovered by OpenIO, and it becomes available. You get immediate benefits of your extra capacity!

Your own
hardware strategy

OpenIO software is auto adaptive. More than being hardware agnostic, OpenIO has built-in support for heterogeneous hardware within the same cluster. No node is getting hammered at any time. Every node is used at its maximum but not beyond.


Complies with customers expectations. Reduce cost and TCO of 80% compared to legacy storage arrays with no compromise on data protection or availability.


OpenIO offers the best data protection mechanisms, such as replication supporting multiple copies, locally and remotely, or fully configurable erasure coding.

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OpenIO Open Source

OpenIO core is open source and available online. It is not limited in any way, and allows to run Petabytes-scale object storage platforms. Anyone can collaborate, enthusiasts and passionated people, not only developers. Let’s build it together.

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OpenIO Editions

Email Edition

Optimized to scale out email, contacts and calendar storage. Run anti-virus and full-text indexing on the storage infrastructure itself. OpenIO provides specific connectors for Cyrus, Dovecot/Open-Xchange and Zimbra.

Video Edition

OpenIO has developed several key functionalities for demanding video environments, to store, transcode and stream video at massive scale. On top of the open source object storage platform, OpenIO delivers high performance and resiliency at very efficient cost.

Enterprise Storage Edition

OpenIO offers a scalable file sharing solution via its Enterprise Storage Edition. It complements the core object storage solution with a file system view. Applications do not need to embed any object API to connect to storage entities. Supported protocols and access methods are NFS, SMB, FTP or local mountpoints with FUSE.

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